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5.18 Race and Racism


For additional information, please see:

Macpherson Inquiry Report (2000)

See also: Race, Ethnicity and Culture Procedure.

Children and families from black or ethnic minority groups are likely to have experienced harassment, racial discrimination and institutional racism.

All agencies have a responsibility to recognise racial harassment. The police and Children's Social Care must respond appropriately when incidents of racial harassment and attacks place a child at increased likelihood of suffering Significant Harm.

The experience of racism is likely to affect the responses of the child and family to assessment and enquiry processes. Failure to consider the effects of racism and take appropriate action when racism is being alleged, will undermine efforts to promote the welfare of a child or protect children from abuse or neglect.

Families may suffer religious and/or racial harassment sufficient in frequency and seriousness to undermine parenting capacity. In responding to concerns about children in the family, full account needs to be taken of this context and every reasonable effort made to end the harassment.