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1.10 Family Group Conferences


This chapter was updated in February 2019 to emphasise that children should be put at the heart of the Family Group Conference process.

Family Group Conferences (FGC) are a mechanism for family members to develop their own plans to promote the welfare of their children ensuring that they are placed at the heart of the FGC and that their voices, wishes and feelings are sought and heard throughout. Together, family members are supported in considering the presenting issues and developing a plan to resolve the problem.

A Family Group Conference may be appropriate where:

A Family Group Conference should not replace a Child Protection Conference where there are concerns that a child is suffering or likely to suffer Significant Harm.

Where the professionals involved or a Child Protection Conference agrees that a Family Group Conference is appropriate, referral should be made to the Liverpool Family Group Conference Service.

The Family Group Conference Service will allocate a co-ordinator who will assist the family in preparing for and arranging the Family Group Conference.

In order to ensure that the family and professionals have all the information they need to achieve the most out of the Family Group Conference process the family should be provided with a copy of the Single Assessment including the outcomes and findings.

The professionals involved should be open and honest with family members about:

  • The presenting issues and concerns;
  • The services that are available to support the plan and any likely delays in accessing services;
  • The family's scope for decision making in the light of any decisions already made and any issues that are not negotiable.