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3.8 Child Protection Conference Appeal


In August 2015, this chapter was significantly amended throughout and should be re-read in full.


  1. Responsibilitiy
  2. Child Protection Conference Appeal
  3. Appeal Process

1. Responsibility

Local Safeguarding Children Partnerships have responsibility for ensuring the effectiveness of what agencies, in their area, do to safeguard children and young people.

As child protection conferences are essential to safeguarding children and young people Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership (LSCP) has responsibility for ensuring the effectiveness of child protection conferences by ensuring that standards are adhered to.

2. Child Protection Conference Appeal

  • LSCP is unable to change the decision made at a Child Protection Conference;
  • LSCP, following relevant consideration under appeal procedures, can only recommend that a Child Protection Conference is reconvened.

Following a Child Protection Conference, an appeal can be made if it is considered and can be demonstrated that:

  • Parents / carers were not consulted prior to the conference or advised of the reasons for the conference taking place;
  • The allocated social worker did not discuss, explain and share the contents of their report for conference with family members, including children deemed old enough to understand, at least two working days, in advance of the Child Protection Conference taking place;
  • Parents / carers were not notified of the date, time and venue of the conference in advance of the meeting;
  • The Chair of the conference did not meet with those family members, including children, attending the conference at least 30 minutes before commencement of the conference;
  • The Child Protection Conference did not have all relevant information;
  • Information presented to the conference was factually incorrect;
  • Relevant family members were not encouraged to participate and contribute to the Child Protection Conference.

3. Appeal Process

Appeal Stage 1

If it is felt that one or more of the criteria within 2 above are met an appeal under the LSCP appeal process can be made.

Detail of the appeal, including criteria under which the appeal is made, should be submitted to the LSCP Safeguarding Coordinator,

Following receipt of an appeal the LSCP Safeguarding Coordinator will review and consider the appeal in conjunction with Liverpool City Council Children's Services Quality Assurance & Safeguarding Service Manager.

At this stage the Children's Services Quality Assurance & Safeguarding Service Manager may deem it necessary to reconvene the child protection conference where they find that Child Protection Conference standards were not adhered to.

Where it is found that conference standards have been adhered to the service manager will recommend that the conference is not reconvened.

The service manager will advise the appellant accordingly as to their decision.

Appeal Stage 2

If the appellant disagrees with the decision made by the Children's Services Quality Assurance & Safeguarding Service Manager, that conference standards were adhered to and as such conference should not be reconvened, an appeal can progress to Stage 2.

Appeals under stage 2 of the appeal process will be considered by a multi-agency appeal panel. The multi-agency panel will comprise of nominated officers from relevant agencies of the LSCP partnership. Panel members will provide an independent perspective on the appeal.

The LSCP panel will consider the appeal submission, notes of the child protection conference and any other material deemed relevant as requested by the chair of the panel. The person/ s making the appeal will be entitled to address the panel.

The appeal panel will decide whether conference standards were adhered to or not.

If the panel finds that conference standards were not adhered the panel can only recommend that the conference be reconvened

Following consideration of an appeal, by a multi-agency panel, recommendations will be advised to Assistant Director of Children's Services.